The Benefit Of Hair Salon Mobile Apps

Hair Salon Mobile Apps

Hair salon mobile apps are continuing to increase in popularity as more and more people are turning to mobile devices to fulfil their product and service needs.


While websites and phone call bookings are still a major part of the industry, salon owners are beginning to realise the benefits of bookings on the go and information at your finger tips.


Hair salon mobile apps offer flexibility and increased functionality by taking advantage of the mobile devices native functions such as GPS, camera, messaging and email, one touch calling and more. Offering better customer and social interaction than a website.



Print marketing is still widely used and can achieve some basic success on a smaller scale. But not only is print becoming a thing of the past, it is also expensive and bad for the environment.


Now I know that technology is not exactly “green”, but it is everywhere and it is here to stay. Producing an app won’t harm the planet but it will reduce paper waste and manufacturing damages, while saving you money and time.


Applications have better and faster means of communication than general marketing practices such as txt and email. Not only can you advertise any promotion or piece of information you like in the device your customers carry everywhere they go, you can actually get them to see it.


Hair Salon Mobile Apps


Email marketing has around 20% open rate at best! with an even lower conversion rate. Mobile apps for hair salons allow you to send push notifications directly to the users screen, with the ability to link the message directly to in-app offers, specific tabs or even external website links.


And with an approximately 85% open rate within 15 minutes! You know the message will get to the right people at the right time. Which combined with in app bookings, can greatly increase sale conversions.


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Customer retention is crucial when offering a regularly, reoccuring service that everyone needs at some point. Hair salon mobile apps provide a combination of ease and interaction, keeping your business in front of your customers and encouraging continued retention and repeat sales. Customers love the option of a mobile app as it is convenient, since they already spend so much time on their device.


So besides a more professional image for your business, you are also getting your name in front of a whole new market place of millions of people being on the app stores. This also leads to better search engine ranking and discovery due app store backlinks to your website, and the powerful ranking capabilities of your app store profiles.


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Hair Salon Mobile Apps